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We are the team that bring life to your ideas. We are the team that make you look good to the people that matter to you. But we are also the team that your stakeholders and customers never get to see or hear about.

We enable you to connect with your audience.

"Integrity is so important. I truly believe that without a high level of integrity engrained throughout a company, it cannot sustain long term growth."

Mark O'Grady

Mark O'Grady  CEO

Mark heads the team at Perception Group. He is the glue that binds the team together and is the font of calm common sense. Mark is exceptionally good at asking just the right questions.

Mark has a corporate background as CEO of the New Zealand Wool Marketing Board, CEO of a Stock exchange listed biotech company, and GM of the NZ Meteorological Service.

"When you make a decision to entrust your business with us, you are giving us your trust. I will always work hard to make sure that we earn this trust."

Glenn Leenderts

Glenn Leenderts  National Sales Director

What is important to you? What are your expectations? You can rely on Glenn to find all this out and to be your champion within Perception Group.

When you make the decision to work with Glenn, you will benefit from every piece of knowledge that he has gained from over fifteen years in the print industry.

"I believe that it's the customer experience that sets a company apart from its competitors. Delivering the ultimate customer experience for you is my goal."

Liz Hands

Liz Hands  Customer Services Manager

Ordering should be stress free. Often you can be presented with a tight timeframe for delivery. We see this as window of opportunity to exceed your expectations, keeping you informed on progress and taking the stress out of the experience. Use Liz's expertise to your advantage and streamline your ordering processes.

You’ll be amazed at just how easy controlling your supply can be.

"I like to think of my role as similar to a conductor. I work to bring together all of our skilled production staff to process your orders quickly and efficiently."

Elizabeth Field

Elizabeth Field  Operations Manager

From the moment that you place your order to when it is safely delivered to you, there are many processes and people involved with it. Elizabeth's role is to make sure that these processes run smoothly.

Elizabeth's expertise in leading and championing process improvements and system developments was gained from her past roles in senior operations management in multi-national companies.

"By tapping into my passion for facilitating new ideas, I can help you to build strong, lasting personal relationships between you and your audience."

Charles Norwood

Charles Norwood  GM, Client Solutions

Business relationships built on absolute trust are extremely powerful. Creating them takes time, something that you may be short of. We’re here to help using the power of Perception and what we call "enabling you".

You can directly benefit from Charles' knowledge and experience gained as CEO of a successful technology business and as Marketing Manager for a number of organisations.

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