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To achieve excellence in print quality two key components are a must:

State of the art equipment
Highly skilled operators

Our Wellington based print shop has these components in abundance.

Printing is personal. The tangible nature of print causes people to become personally engaged with paper and printed material. At NZ Print we understand this. We understand that when you place an order with us you are entrusting your design and hard work into our hands.

We love printing. We are also passionate about establishing a personal relationship with our customers. With each and every job entrusted to us, we guarantee that we will work our hardest to ensuring that it is of the highest quality and delivered to meet even the strictest of deadlines.

We have the capacity to manage all print jobs: from digital to offset, from large runs to the one-off. Our print staff are some of the most skilled, patient and understanding professionals in the industry. We assure you that whatever you throw at us, we will deliver on time and to a very high standard.



Back in the 1950’s when you did your weekly shopping you would walk down the high street, popping into the butcher, baker and greengrocer along your journey. At each stop you would likely have a short conversation with the person behind the counter. From these many short conversations the shop keeper would start to build up a picture about you: the products you preferred; your weekly shopping budget; gossip about your neighbours….

But with the advent of the supermarket, this all changed. We could now drive to just one shop to buy the week’s groceries and would also pay less than before. But, the real price we paid for the ease of this new type of shopping, was the loss of personal service. We no longer had a relationship with the shopkeepers.

However, we are now undergoing a new, massive change. Social media, combined with an increasingly mobile generation, means that the conversation has returned. Love that shirt you bought online? Facebook it. Feel ripped off by being forced to spend $10 for a beer at the local sports stadium? Tweet about it whilst still in the queue (and you can also complain about the length of the queue at the same time). No longer are the marketers in control of the message. No longer is marketing a one-way exercise; today, marketing is two-way and it’s personal.

Spray & Pray no longer works

The single marketing message that seeks to be everything to everyone (the spray and pray approach) does not work anymore. Your marketing message should now be tailored to suit each individual. Persona is a tool that enables you to engage directly with each member of audience in a way that is unique to them.

Where do they live – their age – their buying habits – their gender – their coffee preference

As long as you have some data about your customers (or can buy a list) Persona can help you to develop a personalised marketing campaign that starts a positive two-way conversation.



Procure will relieve you of your sourcing pain. We will work with the best suppliers in New Zealand and abroad and negotiate the sharpest possible prices. Furthermore, we will maintain the relationships with your suppliers, so you don’t have to. Procure can be your single point of contact for all your procurement requirements.

Procure will manage all your sourcing, sampling and shipping, so you can get on with doing what you do best.

Customised Procurement Portal

The procurement portal is a web based ordering system that enables you, your staff and your partners to order all your office supplies directly from the one web-storefront. It is enormously customisable and can be branded to reflect your company’s branding.

Ordering customised printed material such as business cards, brochures and flyers, is a breeze, as it enables your people to customise printed material to meet their exact needs. They do this online and in real time. You have complete control over how much you want to lock down or open up your documents to personalisation. The system produces print ready documents and automatically sends the files to your preferred printer, ready for instant production.

The portal is ideal for organisations with offices throughout the country. By ordering supplies from a single repository, you can ensure that your brand is maintained, can take advantage of price breaks and remove the pain of ordering supplies for your staff and partners.

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