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Perception Group is excited to announce we are joining forces with Excel Digital effective from 2nd September 2019. To discover the increased services you now have access to please contact us!
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Persona powerful tools building stronger relationships

Connect with your audience

Persona is all about personalisation. We provide you with the tools that enable you to have a direct and relevant connection with each and every member of your audience.

In this era of continual connectivity and instantly updated information, you must be able to talk directly with each member of your audience about the things that matter to them. People are requiring – and getting – information that is relevant to them, without the clutter of extraneous guff.

So, how can we help you and your organisation? Well, before we can answer this, we need to have an understanding of your business. Where are your pain points? Where are your potential opportunities that are crying out to be realised?

What does your audience think of you? What do you think of them?

Relevant & Personal communications

Back in the 1950’s when you did your weekly shopping, you would walk down the high street, popping into the butcher, baker and greengrocer along your journey. At each stop you would likely have a short conversation with the person behind the counter. From those many short conversations the shop keeper would start to build up a picture about you: the products you preferred; your weekly shopping budget; gossip about your neighbours . . .

But with the advent of the supermarket, that all changed. We can now drive to just one shop to buy the week’s groceries and also pay less than before. But, the price we paid for the ease of this new type of shopping, was the loss of personal service. We no longer have a relationship with the shopkeepers.

However, we are now undergoing a new, massive change . . .

Know your audience


Better understanding


Targeted Approach


NZ Print

harnessing the power of print for personalisation

NZ Print

Printing is personal. The tangible nature of print causes people to become personally engaged with paper and printed material. At NZ Print we understand this. We understand that when you place an order with us you are entrusting your design and hard work into our hands.

We love printing. We are also passionate about establishing a personal relationship with our customers. With each and every job entrusted to us, we guarantee that we will work our hardest to ensure that it is of the highest quality and delivered to meet even the strictest of deadlines.

We could try and wow you by giving you details of our digital and offset printing presses, or the size of our factory floor-space, but we don’t believe that you would be interested in this. What we can promise you is Value, Trust and Integrity: three words that have a lot of meaning to each member of staff at NZ Print.


smarter ways of supplying everything for your success

Freeing you to focus on growing your business

Sourcing supplies and maintaining relationships with national and international suppliers can be a headache that takes you away from growing your business. However, you need to have confidence that you are always sourcing supplies of the highest quality, delivered on time and at the right price.

Procure will relieve you of your sourcing pain. We will work with the best suppliers in New Zealand and abroad and negotiate the sharpest possible prices. Furthermore, we will maintain the relationships with your suppliers, so you don’t have to. Procure can be your single point of contact for all your procurement requirements.

Procure will manage all your sourcing, sampling and shipping, so you can get on with doing what you do best.

Customised procurement portal

A tailored online portal for all your business supplies

Managing and coordinating the vital business supplies that you need to keep your business humming along can be a headache that you don't need. Procure will set your business up with its own branded procurement portal so your staff, field offices and partners can order what they need, when they need it, whilst keeping the control in your hands.

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